Comfort Foam

The comfort foam mattress is one of the most popular mattress types. This is understood as a model of polyurethane (PU), a very versatile foam. But what is so special about this mattress and for whom is it suitable?

What is a comforted mattress?

To produce the mattress polyurethane is foamed. This is done either with propellants, such as carbon dioxide or CO2 or through contact with water.

Other differences include that the cells of a comfort foam mattress do not need to be crimped. They are open-pored immediately after production. The zones are then cut into the foam. A high-quality comfort foam core, as well as a core made of cold foam, is dimensionally stable so that the mattresses last a long time. Compared to spring mattresses, the comfort foam mattresses are very light and therefore easy to transport. They do not vibrate and are silent.

Advantages of the comforted mattress

The mattress has a high elasticity. Contour cuts are divided into seven ergonomic zones that allow better body adaptation. This particularly benefits side sleepers. Areas like the shoulder and the pelvis can sink deeper. The spine is held in an ergonomically correct straight line and the intervertebral discs are relieved. They adapt optimally to the body and support it well. The weight is distributed optimally on the lying surface since the mattresses are point elastic. At the same time, the back is well-relieved.

The mattresses provide a restful sleep experience and contribute to optimal relaxation. A comfort foam mattress, which is equipped with the dice or 3D cutting process, provides an even better body adaptation.

For whom is a comforted mattress suitable?

Those who like to sleep soft to medium hard, are well advised with these models. Comfort foam cores are particularly suitable for light to medium-heavy people without physical preloads such as back problems. Who weighs a little more, should rather choose a cold foam mattress with a higher support force. Learn more at Bestmattress-brand about the suitable mattresses for you.