The possible choice of a latex mattress:

A latex mattress normally excels both in duration and in the support it offers to people’s bodies. It has a consistency that is greater than that of spring mattresses. It is normally stronger and more durable than memory foam mattresses.

Latex mattresses offer perfect ergonomic support to the body, without being “enveloping” like memory foam mattresses.

In this type of mattress, the following three “variants” of latex can be used.

Natural latex: which is obtained from the incision of the trunk of some plants (mainly from the tropical rubber tree), has excellent references regarding user satisfaction and durability over time? This is the kind of latex that costs the most and cannot be used by people with latex allergy.

Synthetic latex: is a chemical compound based on styrene-butadiene rubber. It is ideal for those suffering from natural latex allergies.

Mixed latex: is a mixture of natural latex and synthetic latex (generally, in the 30/70 percentage), in mattresses, it is currently the most widespread, is less expensive than natural, its quality is excellent. Compared to the natural one, it is, however, less elastic and less durable over time. In the reviews of their mattresses, the manufacturers often do not indicate, what is the process by which the latex they use is produced?

In this regard, it is important to know that latex can be made with different products (although hardly “noticeable” by most people).

The densities of most memory foam mattresses in commerce today are good both for those sleeping on their side and for those sleeping on their backs.

So, if you are a normal weight, a medium-hard mattress is all you need.

It is also necessary to consider what the main technical characteristics of the single mattress are and which simplifying as much as possible can be identified in the support it is able to offer, and in its ability to accommodate the body and then release the pressure.

If you know more about memory foam mattresses, you can read our article dedicated to this type of mattress.

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